At Reactive Plumbing, we believe in transparency, fairness, and sustainability when it comes to pricing our services. Unlike traditional pricing models that often rely on hourly rates, we’ve adopted a margin pricing system that reflects the true costs of providing high-quality plumbing services to our valued clients.

Why Not Hourly Rates?

Hourly rates can be misleading. They might seem lower at first glance, but they don’t accurately reflect the full cost of delivering a service. Businesses operating on hourly rates often underestimate their expenses, leading to sustainability issues. These businesses might not account for all their operating costs, from materials to overheads, which can result in undercharging or the need to cut corners. At Reactive Plumbing, we aim for longevity and quality, ensuring we’re here to serve you today and in the future.

Our Margin Pricing System

Our margin pricing system is designed with honesty and sustainability at its core. It allows us to cover our labor, materials, and overhead costs comprehensively, ensuring we can continue delivering top-notch services without compromising on quality. Here’s how it works:

Example Job Breakdown

To make our pricing as transparent as possible, let’s take a look at an example job costing $1,000:

  • Sell Price: $1,000 (100%)
  • Labour: $300 (30%)
  • Material: $200 (20%)
  • Total Cost of Goods Sold: $500 (50%)


This means 50% of the job cost covers direct expenses. The remaining 50% is allocated to overhead expenses crucial for delivering our services:

  • Vehicles & Repairs: 5%
  • Insurances (Workers Comp, Public Liability, and Vehicle): 5%
  • Office Building: 5%
  • Fuel & Tolls: 3%
  • Admin Team: 12%
  • Marketing: 10%


After covering these essential expenses, we aim for a 10% NET profit margin. This margin is not merely profit; it’s the fuel that enables us to invest back into our team, equipment, and services, ensuring we can continue providing exceptional service and remain a robust, sustainable business.

To help you better understand how your investment is allocated, here’s a graph visualizing the distribution of costs for a typical job priced at $1,000:

The graph clearly illustrates how every dollar is spent, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for when you choose Reactive Plumbing.

Why This Matters

Choosing a plumbing service that utilises a margin pricing system means you’re opting for a provider that understands the true cost of delivering quality service. It means supporting a business committed to sustainability, quality, and fairness. At Reactive Plumbing, our pricing reflects our dedication to these values, ensuring we can continue to serve our community effectively and efficiently.


If you are interested in hiring our team for a service, we will be glad to provide you with a fair, accurate, and never-changing estimate for the works needed. We believe in true transparency of showing you the exact cost of each job before we start. That way, you won’t be left with any surprises or bill shock when all is said and done.
We will take your call right away and schedule a time slot that best fits your needs. Our booking windows are between 7-7:30am, 9am-12pm, and then from 12-4pm.

30 minutes prior to the arrival time, your technician will contact you. Once on site, your Reactive Plumbing technician will listen to you, assess your needs, and then evaluate the works and requirements it will take to earn your complete satisfaction. Then we will provide you with a fixed, upfront price with several different options.

We will help you understand our recommendations and answer any questions you have as we help you choose the most appropriate option for you and your budget.


What if it’s an Emergency?

For emergency same-day service, we do have a $95 call out fee. This fee is waived when you proceed with any works during normal business hours, which are from 7am-4pm Monday through Friday. Only if works are carried outside of normal business hours does this call out fee apply with the task price to cover our technicians’ penalty rates.


With Reactive Plumbing, we work hard to provide you with exceptional value and an incredible level of customer service and support. When you choose us for your service, you will enjoy a range of promises and guarantees from our team.
Whether it’s a simple job or an extensive project, we hope you’ll have the utmost confidence that choosing Reactive Plumbing for service is the best choice for your home or your business. We will do what it takes to earn your 100% satisfaction every time, guaranteed.
To request more information or a quote for service, please contact us at your convenience.


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